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  1. Training ourselves to train others

    Building clarity and understanding for effective coaching.

    As fitness instructors and coaches, we are constantly striving to help others reach their goals and become their best selves. But in order to do this effectively, we must first train ourselves and build our own strength and clarity. Just like a “training-wheel” helps a new rider learn to balance and ride a bike, we can create a solid foundation for others to build upon by strengthening ourselves first.

    man jumping-rope

    One effective way to build physical and mental strength …

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  2. The benefits of having a training partner and jumping rope

    Subtitle: Using unique insights to improve your game and health.

    As a fitness instructor, I understand the importance of having a training partner to hold you accountable and keep you motivated. However, I also understand that finding someone who shares your interests and is willing to help you in exchange for a small stipend can be challenging. That's why I prefer to offer my services as a favor for someone who would benefit from it.


    Not only that, I also recommend incorporating jumping rope into …

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  3. The importance of a growth mindset in exercise

    How to avoid failure and achieve success through continuous improvement.

    As fitness professionals, it's important that we approach our training with the mindset that failure is not an option. When we are comfortable with the idea of failing, it can hold us back from achieving success. Instead, we should focus on continually moving forward and improving, even if progress is slow at times.

    hand holding trophy

    But what do we mean by failure when it comes to exercise? According to Coach Jason M. Scott, failure is "what happens …

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  4. Seated Figure Four is a simple yoga posture

    It is a modified pose which is not as strong as the other basic pose, V-S-T.

    Seated Figure Four is used to relax and stretch the muscles and joints. This pose will help you to relieve tension and alleviate physical discomfort especially when you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your joints.

    jumping rope video

    Moreover, you are able to maintain the proper form of this pose due to its strong foundation. This pose strengthens all the major muscle groups and also strengthens your core muscles. The basic …

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