Seated Figure Four is a simple yoga posture

It is a modified pose which is not as strong as the other basic pose, V-S-T.

Seated Figure Four is used to relax and stretch the muscles and joints. This pose will help you to relieve tension and alleviate physical discomfort especially when you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your joints.

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Moreover, you are able to maintain the proper form of this pose due to its strong foundation. This pose strengthens all the major muscle groups and also strengthens your core muscles. The basic structure of S-F-E is as follows: S: Supported with your hands J: Supported with your legs F: Supported with your spine E: Supported with your body weight Seated Figure Four in this example, is the most common pose in the yoga curriculum. You can make use of the pose by putting your torso and legs in different positions. In our example, we are going to see this pose in the Pose-to-Posture Sequence to prepare for our final pose in our sequence.

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To perform Seated Figure Four, place your hands on the floor in front of your body. Make sure that your wrists are in line with your hands. You should do so for a proper body alignment and for the proper positioning of Seated Figure Four. Make sure that your arms do not rest on the ground with your palms on the ground. Also make sure that your hands are not too wide. Your palms will then be resting on your thighs which will make the poses easier to perform.