What allows us to move up higher when performing pull-ups and dips

Inner hip flexors allow you to perform the most efficient of these movements.

This requires you to do more reps with a larger weight, so it may not be your first choice to begin with. However, if you are having trouble, then focus on strengthening your inner hip flexors by performing a couple of sets of pull-ups. Work your way up to chin ups This exercise involves lying on the ground and holding onto a pull-up bar for support while you slowly raise your body up as high as you can.

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For most people, this can feel a little bit like reaching for the stars. However, it also requires you to fully engage your core, core stabilizers, internal rotors, and internal obliques. The good news is that doing a chin up allows you to also help stabilize your core and provide you with a better foundation for the other exercises we described in this article. Once you are at the top, allow your body to go back down to the ground so that it does not cause a back or chest injury.

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If you are feeling weak in your core, then the most important way to strengthen your abdominals is to perform certain core exercises. This is where many people have difficulty with the pull-ups, dips and chin-ups. Using the above exercises, you can then start working on your core stability by performing the following exercises. To start with, lie down on your stomach with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground. Then pull your knees towards your chest with your hands. Keep your hips in a straight line as you squeeze your gluteus maximus. Do not let your spine turn into a bow.

In case you need to loosen up, try a couple of hops with a trainging jump rope. After all, this is a jump rope site.

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