Exercises to build stamina, endurance, flexibility, coordination and core balance

You’ll see how the sequence changes as you start the program and move along the way.

If you’re new to jump rope classes or exercising, you can find more exercises in our fitness section with step by step instructions and pictures.

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HOW THE PROGRAM WORKS - The program runs at your pace. If you want to complete a program in three hours (or eight sessions) go for it. If you want to take your time and have a different workout each day, that’s fine too. In the workouts that require you to warm up, focus on building cardiovascular endurance and muscle flexibility. You’ll be performing jumping rope techniques for 30 minutes.

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During that time, your mind and body are engaged in stretching and exercise. In 30 minutes, we’re asking you to focus, breathe deeply and push yourself. It’s a total body workout, and a great way to build lean muscle with a jump rope.